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Manlio Masu

He is born in Olbia the 24th of October 1935. In 1955 he obtained his teaching diploma in Nuoro, his teacher of art history was Giovanni Ciusa Romagna. While being a primary school teacher in different parts of Sassari district, he has deepened his self-taught study of landscapes in painting.

From the mid 70’s he develops the female figure theme, whom are often inserted in landscapes, marinas or intimate interior scenes.

In 1977 he realized on commission, “The Crucifixion”, a monumental altarpiece of the San Giovanni Bosco church in Alghero. For the same church, he designed and kept up with the realization of the artistic stained glass dome in Verona.

Then in 2002 he produced, on commission, five large panels on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus for the San Giovanni Battista church in Nuoro. He designed the rose window of the stained glass facade from San Bernardino church in Mogoro.

In 2006 he painted one of 14 lunettes of Santa Maria of Bethlem Library in Sassari.

He is currently working on creating a pictorial work of great format for the Art Museum of the Foundation Logudoro Meilogu Banari.

In preparation for a series of paintings for a exhibition that takes place in Cagliari at the Modern Art Gallery 13.

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