A place where art and creativity meet, a space for annual events where the local art scene comes together.

A passion project that started thirty years ago. Enjoy exhibitions of Sardinian artists, many of which you can admire at the Hotel Il Querceto all year round.

Ausonio Tanda

He was educated at the Art Institute in Sassari; In 1950 he won the ‘Città di Sassari’ prize. The following year he moved to Rome, where Roman and Sardinian art blended to result in a dramatic painting with an intriguing atmosphere. Favorite subjects are still lifes and fishermen, boats, tanneries; the chromaticism of colours reach those of informal art.

Continuous experimentation led him in the 1960s to work of great impact, such as “”Lupi”” (= the wolves), in which the deformed bodies of animals radiate a wild energy, or “”Americani””. The artist seeks inspiration in the mass media, such as the independence revolts in Congo; At this stage, the palette is essential: the paint is applied to the canvas through newspaper sheets, giving the work a sense of decomposition.

Tanda’s concerns about the futures scientific developments are reflected in works such as the “”Ciborg””, mutant figures created by electrical wires. The continuous search for meaning and the constant dissatisfaction with the result achieved run through Tanda’s artistic excursion. He died in Rome in 1998.

Gianpaolo Atzeni

Giampaolo Atzeni was born in Cagliari in 1954. In 1975 he moved to Florence, where he attended the Faculty of Architecture. His first works date back to 1971. After working in theater as an actor and later as a photographer and doing reports in Africa, India and the Middle East, he developed his style that characterizes his art in the early 1990s. His pieces have been exhibited in major public museums and galleries. Since 1998 he has also been creating digital artworks. He has worked as a photographer and journalist with other artists since 2001, creating articles and interviews with various personalities from the worlds of art, design and fashion. He produces photo reports from the Venice Biennale and from the studios of well-known artists. Since 2004 he has also produced some radiators with his stylistic characteristics for the ‘Brem’Art’ line, exhibited at the ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan and at the most prestigious international fairs. Giampaolo Atzeni currently lives between Rome and Berlin.

Manlio Masu

Born in Olbia on 24 October 1935. In 1955 he obtained his teaching diploma in Nuoro. Pupil of Giovanni Ciusa Romagna in the subject of Drawing and History of Art. While working as a primary school teacher in various towns in the Province of Sassari, he studied landscape painting in depth as a self-taught artist.

Sisinnio Usai

Sisinnio Usai was born on the island of Asinara in 1950. He attended the Sassari Art Institute, his teachers included Gavino Tilocca and Stanis Dessy. His exhibition activity began in Sassari in 1971, holding his first solo exhibition presented in a catalogue by Mario Delitala. From 1979 to 1981 he illustrated stories by Enzo Espa published in books, newspapers and periodicals. Since 1988 he has collaborated with the magazine Caddhos and the publisher Soter with graphic and pictorial illustrations. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was entrusted several times with posters for major regional folk, cultural and commercial events. Numerous works were produced for public institutions and private collectors. Since 1992, he has taught Artistic Anatomy at the Sassari Academy of Fine Arts.

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