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Giordano Loi, a motorcycle sculptor and enthusiast.

Arising from a family of artists and bikers, he understandably searches a way to combine both worlds, although they are opposite with each other.

During his studies he was always intrigued by a particular issue, the dynamism, understood almost as a breath of life to be implemented to the material, illusion of the energy that is about to explode, the static calm of an immediate future.

It can be said that these features are already present in classical sculpture, cornerstone of the futurist research. Boccioni’s example is clear: “the unique forms of continuity in the space”. From this, originated the research of bolidist, which principal interest was the representation of speed. From the experiences of the early 90s up to the works of Jean Tinguely, such as “Eureka”, in which the engine appears for the first time, the man is added as a fundamental part of the work.

In this way the sculpture, in addition of having the mechanical means for implementing the movement, also provides the thinking concerning funding needed to make it “alive”. Therefore, not only an object that belongs only to the symbolic world of art, but also an object that is charged with this symbolism to enter the everyday life.

In his creations he tries to express the concept of dynamism in all its facets, starting from classical sculptures up to the motorcycle design itself.

Hence the concept of “dynamic sculpture”.

His “modus operandi” involves an accurate theoretical, symbolic and formal study; that leads to the realization of the work using techniques belonging to sculpture and classical plastic, combined with the most advanced processes.

His latest exclusive pieces are motorcycles inspired by animal archetypes, arising from an organic style.

His personal signature and attention to detail are both applied to his works, while respecting the same criteria, in particular to be integrated in pre-existing forms.

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