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Ausonio Tanda (Sassari 1926 – Roma 1998)

He was trained in the Art Institute of Sassari and he won in 1950 the “Città di Sassari” prize. The year after he moved to Rome, where the Roman and Sardinian culture blind together producing a dramatic painting, with an air of energetic and synthetic. His favorite themes are the still lives, fishermen, tanneries, tuna traps; the chromatism approaching shades typical of the Informal Art.

His continuous experimentation brought him to create works of strong impact in the 60s: for instance “Lupi” (the Wolves) as the animals’ deformed bodies allow to transmit a wild energy and also the “Americani” work (the Americans). The artist looks for inspiration in the mass media, in news reports as for the uprising for the independence of Congo; in this period the palette is essential, the color is placed on the canvas through sheets of newspaper, giving a sense of corrosiveness to the work.

The painter’s anxiety about futures scientific developments is rendered by works such as the “Ciborg”, a mutant figure created with electric threads. The continuous search of meaning and the constant dissatisfaction of the result are present in every artistic excursus of Tanda. He dies in Rome in 1998

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