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Project Description

Gorroppu Canyon

You depart from the Silana pass, situated 1,050 m above the sea-level and descent further along an accessible road until you finally reach the gorge’s entrance.

Walking inside the canyon can be a little bit tiring as there is no real path. In the hottest months, it is recommended to start the excursion by leaving in the early morning.

Distance from the hotel: 20 km
Duration trek: 5h.
Total duration: 6h.
Difficulty level: low
Effort: medium-low

You reach the Cala Gonone tunnel and bike along the national road 125 for 1 km, to start then a long descent of about 6 km into the luxuriant Oddoene valley. After 5 more kilometres of easy gradients you will eventually reach the S’Abba Arva bridge.

The path then turns into a rather uneven dug up path, full of surprises for mountain bike enthusiasts.
You finally reach the gorge’s mouth, it can only be visited by walking having left the bikes at its entrance.

During a one-hour trekking trip, you walk through the whole gorge and then you reach the hotel using another route through the Oddoene valley.

Length: 40 Km
Difficulty: medium
Duration: 6h

This is technical route for expert mountain-climbers. It is a difficult route due to its several step faults and ponds. The route itself can be broken off through a intermediate side exit. Having a guide is thoroughly recommended.

Distance from the hotel: 35 Km
Itinerary length: 10 Km
Duration: 1–2 hours
Difficulty level: high

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