Exploring the Past in Sardinia


Numerous great historical sights and rich cultural heritage. Don’t miss at least one of the following during your stay in Sardinia.

Archaeological museum

The richness of the Dorgali archaeological heritage can be witnessed in the Archaeological Museum. It contains archaeological finds from various localities in the area, such as Grotta del Bue Marino or the tomb giants of Thomes.

Serra Orrios

The Nuragic village of Serra Orrios is the religious center of prehistoric Dorgali. The site can be easily reached from the parking lot along an easy 400-metre path.

Characteristic of the village are the two megaron-shaped temples and contains hundreds of buildings including around seventy huts.

Tomb of the giant

The ‘S’ena e Thomes’ tomb is an important example of Nuragic funerary architecture and is set in a fascinating landscape.

This sight can be reached in about 15minutes by car from Dorgali. From the parking place you walk about 500 meters along a signposted path to this Bronze Age monument.

S'Abba Frisca

Traditions, knowledge, flavours, sounds and scents from the culture of Sardinia’s Barbagia region brought together in a magnificent landscape, as a combination of nature and ethnography. The planned route through this open air museum came to life from the development and restoration of an old agricultural property, and it’s a journey along 400 metres of giant-stone pathways, century-old trees and hedgerows of Mediterranean maquis plants. Water is the dominant element: the spring called S’Abba Frisca (Fresh Water), beyond just giving its name to the property, feeds into fountains, cascades, water jets and a small lake.

Nuraghe Mannu

The ‘Nuraghe Mannu’ site consists of a single stone tower, not far from Dorgali on the coast. Situated on a limestone plateau 200m above sea level, this place offers an impressive view over the bay of Fuili.

Dolmen Motorra

It is a megalithic building located in the countryside and only four kilometers away from Dorgali. This sight is one of the most important evidences of the megalithic culture. ‘Dolmen Motorra’ date back to the first Bronze Age and are on of the oldest on the island of Sardinia.

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