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Our dishes are prepared with local and high-quality products in line with our cooking style


A rich selection of regional hors d’oeuvres (at list two portion/price per person)

Veal sliced and stewed in white wine sauce with red chicory and grana cheese

Selection of Sardinian Salami and tipical mix of cheese

Veal Carpaccio Flavoured With Mushrooms & Rucola

Lemon Marinated Courgettes with Season Vegetables & Goat Cheese

Salty goat cheese with tomato slices and typical Sardinian Bread

Fresh Goat Cheese with Tomato and wild fennel-olive oil

First Course

Our Special Dish: Gnocchi made of fresh Cheese,Ricotta,Chard and Bèchamel House’s Dish

A typical Home-Made Pasta with Vegetables and Cheese filling

Home-Made Small Sardinian gnocco with ricotta cheese

Risotto with Radish and PecorinoCcheese Cream

Tagliatelle with wild Sardinian mushrooms

Home-Made Pasta with Guanciale, Pecorino Cheese Cream and Rocket Salade

Home-Made Tagliatelle with Sardinian pork ragù

Typical Sardinian Soup with bread and grana cheese

Second Course

Local Veal Stake Grilled with Indivia

Grilled Local Lamb & Tomatoes Salad

A very large Grilled Veal Steak with Salad Vegetables and French Fries

Grilled veal Tagliata on a bad of Wild Chard

Chicken Fillet With Ham and Wild Mushrooms & Roasted Peppers

Grilled fresh sausage with pecorino cheese & Tomatoes

Pork Escalop on Cannonau wine & French Fries

Braised Veal Shank Slice & Tomatoes Salade with Balsamic

Side Dish

Wild chard with sour dressing

French Beans in butter

Wild chard with garlich and chilli

French fries

Fresh Tomatoes

Season salad


Ricotta with Home-Made Figs Syrup & Raisins in Rum

Choccolate Soufflé with Light Apple ice cream

Coffee & Sambuca Cream With Espresso

Lemon Sorbet with home made Mirto liqueur

Dessert of the house

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